SINGAPORE, July 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – YIN Finance, a multi-strategy platform for NFT liquidity management, launched its testnet on. announced 30th July, 00:00 GMT, because the preparations for the mainnet have been completed. Aimed at every type of user, YIN Finance enables anyone to professionally manage liquidity with Uniswap V3, and starting their testnet is just the beginning.

YIN finance

The YIN Finance Testnet will give users the opportunity to try YIN’s unique liquidity protocols and provide valuable feedback as the project prepares for its official mainnet launch in August. The Testnet launch currently enables active management of Uniswap V3 LP positions, and additional functions will be officially introduced in August.

To celebrate the Testnet launch, YIN Finance invites all community members to join. Here’s what users can do in the testnet:

1. Create and manage a YANG vault

A YANG safe is a personal NFT smart safe. Users receive an NFT for subscribing to CHI strategies and managing positions. Both in the test and in the mainnet, the YANG vault is the place where users can carry out all subsequent asset management actions. It is basically a user’s personal treasury where they keep 100% of their wealth.

2. Subscribe to CHI

Once users find a CHI that fits their asset structure, they can subscribe to that CHI by depositing funds. When the mainnet goes live, users can receive liquidity and mining rewards.

** All CHI are created by YIN Finance during the testnet, with third party liquidity mining logs and user-created CHI being started with the mainnet

3. Receive YIN token airdrop

After subscribing to a CHI, users are eligible to receive YIN tokens through an airdrop. The YIN Finance team will randomly select wallet addresses of users participating in the testnet and airdrop them a total of 20,000 YIN tokens. The winners of the Airdrop will be announced on Twitter.

The YIN token is the official token of the native platform and allows holders to participate in DAO governance and determine the level of leverage based on the amount of YIN users (more YIN means a higher multiple that users use be able).

During the testnet period, users can test these features, participate in the project, and qualify for Airdrop rewards. When the mainnet goes live in August, after subscribing to a CHI, users will get a share of the transaction fees, rewards for income farming, and YIN token incentives – it’s that simple.

YIN Finance CEO said, “I am very pleased that our test network is officially launched on 30th July. The YIN team has done a lot of work in this area. YIN is an innovative multi-strategy protocol for liquidity management. We want to actively help our users to receive more liquidity premiums. Everyone is cordially invited to take part in our testnet launch. For more experienced users, YIN will soon launch a bug bounty program. “

About YIN Finance

YIN Finance is a multi-strategy NFT liquidity management platform that allows users to subscribe to the different strategies of the project to achieve effective liquidity management with high returns. YIN Finance aims to provide proactive liquidity management services on various public chains and decentralized exchanges. YIN Finance is currently deployed on Ethereum and will soon be deployed on Polygon and Solana.

To register and take part in the testnet, please visit

Follow YIN Finance on Twitter to stay up to date on all upcoming events and for more information on the YIN token airdrop.

Further information on the incentivized test network and participation:

Media contact: [email protected]





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