From building local kids’ bikes to crime stories and escape rooms, the Leaders Institute is at the fore in helping companies rebuild corporate morale and enable their employees to reflect and improve through fun and engaging team building activities.

The Leaders Institute, a team building and public relations company, has launched innovative and fun team building activities for companies looking to improve work ethic and prevent a staff turnover tsunami as the global workforce enters a post-pandemic era.

“Returning to the office after more than a year of working from home will be a change for many employees. It would take time for everyone to find their flow again. Morale is down and employees are navigating a barrage of challenges to do the same high quality work they did before the pandemic. This is where the Leaders Institute comes in, ”said Chief Executive Officer Doug Staneart.

The Leaders Institute is a team building company and a global leader in creating and running fun team building events to promote teamwork. The company offers indoor and outdoor events and activities – from building bicycles for local children to mini golf from donable canned food to crime novels and escape rooms.

Popular corporate team development activities include charity team building events such as Build-A-Bike, Rescue Bear, The Ace Race, and aMAZEing Builders. Highly rated outdoor team building events include Camaraderie Quest, Hero Quest, and Kids Quest. Customers can explore other categories that best respond to the result they are looking for by visiting the website.

The Leaders Institute specializes in team building activities for large groups. However, it does conduct team activities for groups of 10 to 10,000 people.

“Our focus is on providing practical business skills that will help individuals and groups achieve higher levels of performance and building those skills in a fun and engaging way,” explains Doug.

The Leaders Institute was right at the forefront of those offering charity events like the world famous Build-A-Bike workshop. The Ace Race charity mini golf is his newest activity and it’s growing in popularity fast.

“We designed these activities to add fun and energy to conventions or annual meetings,” says Doug. The Leaders Institute team also uses these activities to build camaraderie through a shared experience that benefits a local charity.

Customers just need to pick a date that works best for their company and team to get started. After that, they need to go to to select an event. The organization has something to offer for every team. You’ll need to fill out a form or call the team for one of the top notch instructors to speak to you and help you customize your event. Once customers have selected an event, all they have to do is book the event. The team at the Leaders Institute will take care of the rest.

Those interested in learning more about the Leaders Institute and the full list of fun team building activities for groups of all sizes visit the website for more information.

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