After days of struggling to find a name and to form a government in Afghanistan, the Taliban have almost completed their leadership. Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund as head of state and Mullah Baradar Akhund and Mullah Abdus Salam as his two deputies. Top sources told CNN News18 that Mulla Aukhandzad has nominated Hasan Akhund for the post.

Zabiullah Mujjahidin, who has kept the media informed about developments in the country since the takeover, will become the spokesman for Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund.

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The sources said Siraj Judin Haqqani will become Afghanistan’s new interior minister and will appoint all governors. Sources had previously told CNN News18 that the aim of Pakistani ISI chief Hamid Faiz’s visit to Kabul is to get the Haqqanis into the running to defeat the Afghan army, which is in utter disarray after the Taliban seized power. to get going again.

Pakistan’s ISI is the patron of the Haqqani Network – a terrorist group designated by the United Nations and the US, along with its affiliation with Al Qaeda.

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The country’s foreign minister will be held by Mullah Ameer Khan Muttaqi, sources said, adding, “This government will be a caretaker by nature.”

According to top Taliban sources, they could announce their government within the next 24 hours. The development comes after the group claims it took control of Panjshir, along with reports indicating that the deposed Vice President Amrullah Saleh fled to Tajikistan. However, Ahmad Massoud, one of the leaders of the National Resistance Force (NRF), says Panjshir is continuing their fight.

According to a report in The News, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund is currently head of the Taliban’s powerful decision-making body, Rehbari Shura or the leadership council. He belongs to Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban, and was one of the founders of the armed movement, the report said.

The Pakistani ISI chief also met with the former Afghan Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in Kabul yesterday. An Afghan news portal reported that the meeting focused on the formation of a coalition government in Afghanistan.

The Taliban took over the Afghan capital, Kabul, on August 15, surprising both their enemies and friends. Since then, the insurgent group has tried to form its government, but has postponed the announcement.

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