Sharjah24: The Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department (SRERD) has welcomed a delegation from the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce with the participation of Saudi entrepreneurs from the Kingdom’s real estate sector.
The delegation was led by Mr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Murshed, Chairman of the Federation’s National Real Estate Committee, with the aim of identifying investment opportunities in real estate projects, sharing experiences between the two parties and appraising real estate numbers, real estate Saudi owned real estate. Additionally, the aim of the visit is to examine the department’s best successful practices and experiences, particularly in handling court decisions on real estate matters.

The delegation was received by His Excellency Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Shamsi, Director General of the Department, His Excellency Abdulaziz Rashed Al-Saleh, Director of the Department, and several heads and directors of the Department.

First, an introductory video about the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department was presented, with an overview of the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence and a detailed explanation of the working mechanisms in the Department of Real Estate Dispositions, the Department of Real Estate Projects Regulation and the Department of Legal Affairs. In addition, the department reviewed the results and statistics of some real estate reports in the emirate.

The agenda of the meeting focused mainly on improving the means of cooperation and integration between the two parties through several axes, the most important of which are: identifying the competitive real estate advantages of the region, marketing its real estate investment opportunities and real estate challenges that it faces in particular in the face of COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, as well as the global widespread digital acceleration and its impact on the region’s economy in general and the real estate sector in particular, and suggests appropriate solutions. In addition, the main issues affecting the real estate environment were discussed, discussing the rules and procedures related to the performance of the sector and the motivation of the real estate sector to achieve the objectives set.

His Excellency Abdulaziz Al-Shamsi, General Director of Sharjah’s Real Estate Registration Department, said: “Thanks to the great support this sector has received from our wise leadership and his continued interest in supporting and developing it as an important part of the emirate.” Economy Sharjah has seen a major urban renaissance in recent years and a remarkable increase in the number of Saudi investors looking to invest in this important sector, given the emirate’s diverse investment incentives, services, and legal frameworks that are attracting investors. “

In addition, Al-Shamsi praised this visit, stating that mutual visits are important in finding best practice in the area and that the department is fully prepared to work with everyone in all areas of the real estate sector to provide the services Develop, by benchmarking frameworks with anyone who provides direct services to the public. In addition, the department has a constant endeavor to regulate the real estate market and protect it from randomness and chaos by setting legal and professional standards and foundations in order to achieve a strong real estate market with trust and credibility.

His Excellency Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Murshed, Chairman of the National Real Estate Committee of the Council of Saudi Chambers, said: “We feel happy to be among our people in the United Arab Emirates and we are proud of the excellent relationships that we have Linked to this are us with our brothers in Sharjah and our many years of experience in working with them for the benefit and interest of the real estate sector in Sharjah. We look forward to making all of our know-how available to our brothers in the United Arab Emirates and are well prepared to support them in any form and to work together in all matters relating to the important real estate sector. “