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Parkview Apartment Management and Seeker Springs Encampment unite to send kids to camp


MONROE, La. (KNOE) – You can hear the fun and excitement in their voices as the kids get on the buses from the Parkview Apartments. They are on board to have the time of their lives courtesy of their apartment managers and Seeker Springs Camp.

Tamieka Holmes, Manager of Parkview / Trishell Apartments, was thrilled they had this opportunity and hopes to make a valuable impact on their lives.

“I hope the impact gives them something positive and something to look at and that I don’t have to do everything that is going on in Parkview that I actually get the chance to go out and teach another child how to swim or how to do it teach another child how to fish, hunt or do handicrafts. “

Thanks to donations from the community for the camp, the children were allowed to simply be children through singing and laughing.

Terry Slawson, executive director of Seeker Springs, says it is an opportunity to give these children a picture of hope.

“Where it’s a safe place just to relax and be a kid and have a great time together, with maybe kids from another state or place in life. Uh, man. I hope you go back with a renewed sense of hope and vision. “

The kids got right into the fun of the camp and had activities like swimming and doing handicrafts. One volunteer grew up in Parkview and knows how important these opportunities are for the future.

Krishelle McFarland, who has been to Seeker Springs Camp from Parkview since she was six, remembers her youth.

“I really didn’t have a childhood. I was a mom to the whole crew like I am now. Usually helps a lot. “

And now she hopes to provide these children with a life changing experience that will affect theirs.

“I want to give the children the childhood I didn’t have. I want you to know more, learn more from Parkview. To seek the Lord. To give them hope, strength and guidance. “

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