New insights into the development of a cheaper, more effective herbicide for pesky grass ridges will be the focus of his talk at the South Texas Farm and Ranch Show this year by Dr. Josh McGinty standing.

McGinty, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist at Texas A&M, will present the new findings in his talk on alternatives to weed control in pastures and hay fields.

McGinty has been appearing on the Farm and Ranch Show since 2014. Grass ridge management has come up before, he said. In fact, that’s probably the number one weed that people call him about with questions.

“Everywhere I go people have problems with it,” said McGinty. “This is a serious problem in a hayfield because not only does it compete with the coveted grass, but these ridges are also harmful to the livestock.”

This year he looks forward to sharing something new with people about how to deal with these species.

“We tried a different chemistry and herbicide on this weed last year and it looks really promising and very economical, more importantly,” said McGinty.

You only have a year to test this herbicide, so he’s not entirely convinced, he said. But if after a few years of testing it proves to be as effective as it was this year, it could be a huge cost saving.

Alternative herbicides in use today, while effective, can be very expensive. McGinty estimated that herbicides currently in use would cost between $ 20 and $ 26 per acre, while this new one would only cost $ 5 to $ 6 per acre.

It will take a few more years to test this in various locations before he is fully convinced of this new herbicide, but he has no reason to doubt this year’s results.

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