A delegation from the National Security and War Course called the Prime Minister of Sindh here on Thursday.

“Shaheed Benazir Bhutto saw improving employment, education, energy, the environment and gender equality as a way forward for national development,” said Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah speaking with members of the delegation.

“Extremism has been the greatest threat to Pakistan after the 9/11 incident,” said the prime minister.

“Extremism and terrorism remain the greatest challenges in Sindh,” he said. “Drugs, arms trafficking and immigrants also remain key challenges in the province,” said Murad Ali Shah.

The Sindh government is in contact with the federation because of the illegal immigrants, he said.

“Extremism increased after September 11th and some extremist groups also emerged,” he said. “A national consensus is needed to address these threats,” he said.

“The legal and regulatory situation in Sindh has improved. A targeted operation to restore peace was carried out in Karachi, ”said Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah.

“Karachi has hosted regional and international cricket matches,” he said.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah said an operation against drug dealers and illegal weapons was ongoing.