Günther Steiner, who has been criticized for attacking his drivers, has made it clear that he will not turn to the “public, driver or press” for management tips.

Haas team boss Steiner is known for giving his opinion, he is not afraid to have an opinion, even if it is one of his own drivers.

While in the past few years he insulted his former driver Romain Grosjean as “very challenging” and “difficult to handle”, this year both Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher bought the wrath of their team boss.

The latter saw Schumacher’s uncle, the former Formula 1 driver Ralf, strike back against Steiner.

“As a driver, I would not have put up with that and would have packed him,” said the Sky Germany expert.

He added: “No driver wants to read in public how his team boss criticizes him. That should happen internally. “

Steiner has made it clear that he will not accept management advice from Schumacher or anyone else.

“Everyone has their own leadership style,” he said in an interview with Sport1.de. “I have my.

“I’m the team manager and I don’t have to tell anyone how I do my things. And I won’t ask the public, the drivers or the press about it in the future either. “

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2021 was a busy season for Haas. Not only did the team have the slowest car on the grid and miss a single item at the bottom of the list, Steiner also had to deal with teammates.

With two rookies determined to make a name for themselves and mostly only competing against each other in the back of the field, Mazepin and Schumacher clashed several times.

Both have passed their complaints on to the press and criticized their teammates in the media.

Steiner somehow managed not to break any doors, which Kevin Magnussen did not succeed in last season after a smear by the Italian.

“You can see that I actually stayed very calm this year, right?” Said Steiner. “Yes, we had a couple of accidents and disagreements between the two early and mid-season.

“Even if it wasn’t easy, we managed to get the two of them to understand each other. You know where the limits are.

“When it threatened to escalate, I used my solution method without considering the opinion of the public.

“The two respect each other. You don’t always have to agree, but there has to be respect. I don’t care if they’re best friends or not. “

He added, “I prefer to talk to both of them rather than first one and then the other. Otherwise you are just a messenger. I have no time for that.

“I sit down with both of them and usually take the race engineers with me so they know. It usually takes a couple of meetings to anchor yourself in people’s minds, but then most of the time it works. “

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