WASHINGTON – Today Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, along with Missouri MPs Jason Smith, Sam Graves, Vicky Hartzler, Billy Long, Ann Wagner and Blaine Luetkemeyer announced that they had passed a resolution to celebrate August 10, 2021 for Missouri’s 200th Anniversary.

“You can’t talk about American history without talking about the history of Missouri.” said Blunt. “From literary giants like Mark Twain and Maya Angelou to political leaders like Harry S. Truman, sports greats like Buck O’Neil and Satchel Paige, and innovators like George Washington Carver and Walt Disney, Missourians have shaped who we are and where we are are. ”today. It’s a place to have history in places like Ste. Genevieve or the Gateway Arch or explore national treasures like the Ozarks and the Mark Twain National Forest. I am incredibly proud to represent Missouri in the United States Senate and to join my colleagues in recognizing the state’s bicentenary. “

“Two hundred years ago, Missouri became the 24th state to join the Union. Since then, Missourians have contributed to every aspect of American life; fully embody the American spirit and make our nation a better place. ” said Hawley. “I am proud to call Missouri home, and I am even more proud to represent hardworking Missourians every day. I invite everyone to join me in celebrating the upcoming Missouri bicentenary. “

“As we celebrate our 200th anniversary as a state, I am proud of the Missourians who have shaped our state and look forward to the remarkable accomplishments of the next generation of pioneers from the ‘Show-Me’ state.” said Smith. “Hard work and a sense of community is why some of the greatest Americans the world has ever known came from Missouri.”

“Missourians are tough, straightforward doers” said Graves. “This is Show Me State and we’ve been showing people how to get things done for 200 years. Icons like Mark Twain, General John J. Pershing, and Walt Disney have embodied that spirit, but so have everyday heroes – the firefighters, farmers, police officers, nurses, doctors, small business owners, teachers, and others who have done this state and this Country built.

“From our state’s rich history as the ‘Gateway to the West’ to our current status as the leading life sciences research center, two centuries of existence have brought Missouri prosperity and size as the 24th state in America.” said Hartzler. “The Show Me State’s bicentenary is a testament to its great people who have contributed to our nation, such as George Washington Carver, Harry Truman, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, General John J. Pershing, Edwin Hubble, Walt Disney and Millions of Hardworking People Missouri people who have lived, raised families, and improved the lives of their friends and neighbors. The people of Missouri, the values ​​and ideals of Heartland are the essence of America’s greatness and worth celebrating. I am proud to commemorate 200 years of its founding and look forward to many more great years. “

“This year marks the 200th anniversary of Missouri’s 24th anniversaryNS State in the Union “, said Long. “The Show Me State is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are rich in natural resources and our citizens are known for their work ethic. Our employees have always been diverse in their culture and resilient in nature. Missourians are patriots and have a strong love for their country and its people. I was born and raised in Missouri and you need to show me a better state to live in. It is a great honor to be part of Congress recognizing Missouri’s bicentenary. “

“I’m incredibly grateful to have grown up here on Show Me State and to raise my family.” said Wagner. “The strong Midwestern work ethic and heartland values, historic landmarks like the Gateway Arch, and masterful teams like the Cardinals and the Blues represent the best of our state and our country. In particular, our greater St. Louis area embodies our history as the gateway to the West and underscores our important role in US expansion. Civil rights activists and explorers have traversed our region here in St. Louis, and we know future generations like her will make history. Missouri people are very proud of our state, and we do so because Missouri has so much to offer the nation, including a resilient business community, an incredible agricultural sector, and a rich history from which we all continue to learn. This year’s bicentenary is a time to celebrate our significant contributions to American culture and recognize how much Missouri has given and always will give to our great nation. “

“For 200 years, Missourians have raised families, farmed land, built businesses, and made important contributions to American history and society.” said Lütkemeyer. “My family has been fortunate to have lived in Missouri for six generations, and it continues to be the honor of my life to represent the state. I am very excited to celebrate the bicentenary of Show Me State and look forward to many more years of excellence and prosperity in Missouri. “

Congress and President James Monroe approved statehood and Union membership for the Missouri Territory on August 10, 1821, making Missouri the nation’s 24th state and the “Gateway to the West.” The resolution celebrates eminent Missourians and recognizes Missouri’s significant contributions to science, entertainment, technology, sports, and agriculture.

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