“I think you have to stay on track and I think experience will help,” said Ryan. “You have to try to pass that on to some of the younger guys. We have seven games to go. There is a lot of football to play and a lot of things that we can clean up and do better. We have to correct.” them now, but you can stay on track, you never know what’s going to happen.

“You have to believe that it only takes a game or two, a series or two to get you into this rhythm and get the year rolling, we can be explosive and score points and get the job done.”

Motivating talent to restore that good rhythm is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s not about yelling at everyone or being totally relaxed. It’s about reaching out to individuals and knowing them well enough to understand what makes them tick.

“I think leadership has to keep evolving,” said Ryan. “I’ve always believed that with the serving leadership type. For example, where you have the principles and beliefs and foundations that you hang your hat on, but how you convey them must be different for each individual you find yourself in.” Everyone has different needs and everyone works in their own way. I think you are constantly evolving and trying to find the best ways to connect with teammates. “

Regardless of how a connection is made, having confidence in the execution and having confidence in the process is critical to better performance.

“Regardless of the result before or after, Matt approaches each piece like a new piece,” said Ragone. “He approaches team-mates the same way. He knows when to raise his voice and when not. He knows the tone in which to speak to coaches and players. That comes with many years in this league. Matt is above all a role model for persistence as a person. That’s what I admire and appreciate about him. “