In this file photo, Don Jones looks at the results of the local election with Yellowstone County Commissioner Denis Pitman.

RYAN WELCH, Billings Gazette

Ostlund then said he could not support the coming master plan if the commission “does not properly assess the public and private options”.

“We have an obligation to the community to check this thoroughly, and I will see to it,” said Ostlund, drawing a standing ovation from the room.

While Jones struggled to restore order to the meeting, he warned those in attendance that if they did not behave properly, he would have them removed from the boardroom.

Pitman then pushed back some of Ostlund’s comments and tried to address some of the complaints he and Jones had received.

“We have had this conversation for a long time,” he said, referring to the almost two-year MetraPark master plan process in which the district was involved.

He acknowledged that those who took the floor asked for more transparency and more information as the commissioners assessed management options.

“We can’t get any information if we don’t go through this process,” he said. “We ask questions, we look for information.”

Ostlund began to answer, but Jones would not let him, telling Ostlund he had not been given the floor and their voices grew louder and louder.

When Ostlund got the floor, he spoke directly to Pitman.