Washington, DC, Aug. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about the 2022 DC Surge Academy? All candidates can fill out this form to be informed about upcoming virtual events as well as the live application. The program homepage can also be used for updates regarding the application period.

The Surge Academy, a national program that develops, highlights, and unites leaders in education and youth, will expand to Washington, DC. The expansion of the Surge Academy is made possible through a partnership with Education Forward DC. an organization that accelerates the work of visionary education leaders to promote a city with quality, equitable public schools for every DC student and family.

Developed by the Surge Institute, the Surge Academy program provides an immersive leadership experience with powerful content that examines leadership skills such as finance, strategic planning, and change management. In addition, throughout the program, the fellows have a deep and intrepid dialogue about personal growth, trauma, and the true state of diversity, justice, and inclusion in the United States. Jahna Riley (KC’20), an alumna of the program and founder of Aya Coffee + Books, shares what she personally gained from her Surge Academy experience:

“I leaned on my values ​​and am much more self-confident and uncompromising. Because of my surge experience, what was once a dream and long term goal is now a reality. I felt comfortable calling myself an educator, entrepreneur and visionary. “

The six-month scholarship program was launched in Kansas City and originally brought together a cohort of 11 aspiring African American and Latin American leaders to explore how they can work together to transform education to best serve all youth and communities. To date, the program has graduated from three cohorts, two in Kansas City and one in Indianapolis, for a total of 44 executives who have transitioned to Surges National Alumni Network of more than 200 black executives. In previous expansions to the program, the Surge Institute has worked with organizations such as:

Investing in Surge Academy is part of Education Forward DC’s commitment to building a future where students begin farthest from the opportunity to find their own way and thrive. Fonda Sutton, Partner, Public Engagement at Education Forward, shares what the partnership means for color leaders in the Washington, DC educational landscape:

“An education system that better serves all students is only possible if the voices, experiences and needs of colored communities play a bigger role in our city’s educational planning and decision-making,” said Sutton. “Surge Academy DC will focus on building and networking leaders who have shared experiences with the communities we care about and provide space for scholars to challenge and support one another in realizing their dreams for colored students. We are pleased to support the creation of a stronger network of Black and Latinx executives united in shifting existing power dynamics and driving systemic change for education in development cooperation. “

After graduating from the Surge Academy, the scholarship holders maintain a deep connection with the national surge movement, united with the aim of building a just future for communities of color.

To learn more about applying to the Surge Academy in Washington, DC, the Surge Institute welcomes local color guides to attend an upcoming virtual networking event. These rooms provide an opportunity to socialize with like-minded leaders and learn more about the program’s recruiting process. Registration and further details can be found on the Surge Academy’s homepage. Applications for the cohort will start in November 2021.

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Marisa Muñoz

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About the Surge Institute:

The Surge Institute is a national 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization founded with a simple but important mission to develop and nurture colored leaders who make transformative change for children, families and communities. Founded in 2014 by Carmita Semaan, the organization is designed to empower emerging, diverse leaders to transform the educational landscape by providing them with a unique, authentic leadership development experience. To learn more about the Surge Institute, please visit: www.surgeinstitute.org

About Education Forward DC:

Education Forward DC works to promote quality and equity in DC public schools. We’re committed to doubling the number of underserved students in Washington DC in five years who are prepared for college and careers, with a special focus on students at risk and special needs students. We award scholarships across town, provide advisory support to our scholars, and coordinate work across sectors, schools and organizations in DC to ensure a great public school for every DC student. To learn more about Education Forward DC, please visit: www.edforwarddc.org

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