A European delegation of 20 diplomats began a two-day visit to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to meet Palestinian officials and assess the humanitarian situation.

EU spokesman in Jerusalem, Shadi Othman, pointed out that this was the largest European diplomatic delegation to visit the Strip in one go.

The visit is intended to allow officials to see firsthand developments in Gaza, to send a political message calling for the inhuman blockade against Gaza to be lifted, and to heal the Palestinian national divide in a way that the Palestinian government will carry out its duties in Gaza compared to the fullest.

Othman confirmed that the delegation will meet with several Palestinian officials, national figures and citizens to hear their views on the latest developments.

The diplomats plan to visit strawberry farms in Beit Lahia and the As-Sudaniya area in northern Gaza and meet with farmers.

You will also visit the Deir al-Balah water desalination plant in the central Gaza Strip, the Rafah crossing with Egypt, and the Karm Abu Salem crossing with Israel.

According to Othman, they will hold a press conference in the fishing port to the west of Gaza City saying that the situation in the strip is a political and humanitarian problem for the EU.

According to the spokesman for the Palestinian government, Ibrahim Melhem, the delegation plans to meet with government officials.

Melhem announced that a ministerial delegation chaired by Minister of Public Works Muhammad Ziara would travel to Gaza on Thursday to meet with the European delegation.

The spokesman announced that a meeting would take place between the two delegations where ministers would explain the needs of the sector.

The meeting is part of the Palestinian government’s preparations to hold a special session to discuss Gaza, he added.

The session will be devoted to discussing budgets, be it from donors, Arab and Islamic funds or the state treasury, the spokesman said.

The meeting also discusses development projects carried out by the government or other projects planned for the future.