The pandemic resulted in many businesses being switched from the office to remote. Flexible working has become a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. Effective communication is therefore more important than ever, as employees work together asynchronously from geographically different locations. David Kauzlaric equips his team at Agency Elevation to thrive in this hybrid environment. He shares some important changes he’s made to communicate more effectively.

The basis of communication is language. As there are fewer opportunities to meet informally in the break room or to have a coffee together, the words chosen for calls, e-mails or internal chats become more important. “I’ve become much more aware of how certain words affect performance,” says David Kauzlaric. The future of work requires leaders to bring their communication skills to use by consciously choosing words.

Even subtle word changes can have an impact on team morale and engagement. For example, consider the word “you”. This simple word can lead to communication problems by conveying criticism that was never intended. “By replacing ‘you’ with ‘I’ or ‘people’ my team members automatically feel less defensive and more empowered to provide feedback.”

Kauzlaric observed. Similarly, replacing “why” with “tell me more” encourages deeper thinking and engagement.

It is essential for their development to enable a team to arrive at their solutions. However, sometimes habitual communication patterns can be an obstacle to building muscle. “As I focused on my communication style, I realized that my words were inadvertently covering up advice in the form of a question,” reflects David Kauzlaric. “I had to let go of this habit and trust my team to find an answer instead of giving them a solution.”

Effective communication is the key to effective teamwork. In the hybrid work environment, it is even more important to be aware of how words meet people. Optimizing communication results in teams with superior morale, commitment, and problem-solving skills. “It’s better for the team and it’s better for business. Everyone wins, ”concludes David Kauzlaric, Co-Founder of Agency Elevation.