WARREN – Recruitment policy was again a topic of discussion among Trumbull County commissioners on Wednesday.

Commissioner Niki Frenchko raised the issue last week and asked the HR director to come up with a standard hiring policy. However, Commissioners Mauro Cantalamessa and Frank Fuda said Wednesday that Richard Jackson, director of human resources, emailed her a proposal for a recruitment policy in an email in March at her request.

The March 13 email from Jackson to the Tribune Chronicle to all three commissioners states: “I was asked on (March 10th) to draft a recruitment policy for the county. It is attached for inspection by the Commissioners. “

Then, on March 31, Jackson wrote in an email to the three commissioners: “I’m waiting for feedback on the county hiring plan that I submitted earlier.”

Last week, Frenchko filed a motion to order Jackson to develop a policy within 30 days, but the motion failed. Cantalamessa and Fuda said at the time that they do not believe in “Holistic guidelines” because they are not working across departments with different needs and Frenchko should go to work to develop a guideline and then submit it to the commissioners.

Frenchko said last week that a policy should already be in place and that employees would not obey its commandments. Cantalamessa said her suggestions are not genuine and she does not follow them by complaining about the issues “The Status Quo” and certain employees, but no obligation or contribution to development.

Frenchko said Wednesday she was researching some guidelines used in other counties.

“I’ve done some research since last week’s meetings. I’ll have some examples of some hiring policies from other churches, from other counties, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It seems like something should have been done earlier. But we are here now, and here we are now, and I took the liberty of getting some samples, and I hope bringing in those samples would speed up the process as I’ve contacted a few other places to get these receive. ” said Frenchko.

Cantalamessa replied: “Mr. Jackson sent you a hiring policy in March that you have not yet responded to … you have not given him any feedback on it.”

“OK,” She said.

Fuda said Frenchko wasn’t worried about that “Final product” as she says it is.

“We just can’t propose things, say things and not go through with them.” he said.

Frenchko said she was in the minority on the board, so she wanted the commissioners to jointly commit to implementing a new policy. She said she couldn’t put things on the agenda herself until June.

Cantalamessa said she never replied to the email and she had “since June” to add a policy to the agenda.

“Hopefully this time we can all work together to put it together.” She said.

Cantalamessa and Fuda said they are all ready to work together. And Cantalamessa said a guideline seems to have already been drawn up.

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