With a star-studded team, Cummins led the Blues to the final and stepped aside for the decider to fulfill his obligations in the Indian Premier League.

The move from CNSW should give Cummins invaluable experience leading a management team to give him the best chance of replacing Paine, whose missteps had not yet returned to haunt him and Australian cricket at the time.

It also served the purpose of convincing a then reluctant Cummins that he could make it as a captain and that despite Australia’s historical reservations about quick bowling test captains, the office was an appropriate career advance for him.

CNSW’s decision to intervene is at odds with the direction of many of its state rivals, whose reluctance to voice calls for the good of the national team for fear of disrupting their own programming was a bogeyman for many in CA’s high-performance set – high.

For example, former selection chair Trevor Hohns said in 2019 he would like Alex Carey to have more leadership opportunities at South Australia, led by Travis Head, so he can fight after Paine.

It’s unclear what ground was hit when Cummins was questioned by the panel on Wednesday, but if deeds are seen more than words, they could consider his hand in resurrecting Australia’s Twenty20 World Cup campaign in the Middle East.

At a meeting convened after Australia’s hammering through England, Cummins pleaded with teammates to play with more intent and aggression after previously taking the walk during the team’s shy slap display by crunching his first two balls for six .

Crazy Nathan Lyon endorsed Cummins and Smith’s nomination as team leaders on the field.


“I think there would be a really positive effect if you look at the guys who are going to be captain and vice-captain and however that goes, I think they are both very respected in Australian cricket and also in world cricket,” said Lyon .

“I think it will be a real advantage to have the bowler mindset, the batsman mindset too. Instead of having two mindsets, you actually have both mindsets that come together and really come up with really good guidance.

“I’m very excited about the fact that we may have a bowler captain, but I say we also have the best of the best batter and one of the best players to play the game in Smith there.” Good.

“I think Cricket Australia will be in good hands.”