Two factions of the BJP in the West Bengal district of Purba Bardhaman were involved in a brawl at an event in Katwa’s Daihat area in the presence of BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar and his predecessor Dilip Ghosh. The two leaders were there to attend an organizational meeting and congratulation ceremony.

Speaking to reporters, both Ghosh and Majumdar refused to attach any importance to the incident and blamed “Trinamool Congress Agents” for the riot. They claimed that the base of the BJP was behind the party’s new leadership. The two are on a tour of different districts to meet partisans.

When the two leaders arrived for the meeting, a group shouted slogans against the leadership of Dilip Ghosh, who had been BJP president until mid-September. They blamed him for not standing by party workers who were attacked by the TMC.

As the screaming in front of the media continued, another faction tried to push the demonstrators away, which led to a scuffle in which, in addition to being fisted, chairs were thrown. Ghosh, who was named national vice president of the BJP after his replacement as head of state of the BJP, and his successor sat stoically through the pandemonium.

Sukanta Majumdar hit the ruling party and said, “The TMC has sent its men here to create this situation and disrupt our meeting. We will identify them. If one of our employees is involved, we will take action against him. “

Ghosh claimed the protesters were “new to the party and not real BJP workers”. He added: “They don’t believe in our ideology. They came before the assembly elections to make a profit. “

A Trinamool district chairman denied the BJP’s allegations, saying “the dispute within the party is now publicly known”. He added, “BJP has been unable to contain disagreements and keep their house in order and is blaming TMC.”

Since it lost the general election earlier this year, large numbers of workers and regional leaders have left the BJP, most of them moving to the TMC. Former Union Minister Babul Supriyo was one of the prominent names to recently join the state’s ruling party.

(With PTI inputs)