Rob Brooks, Area Sales Manager for Bayer Range and Pasture, will be giving a presentation on “Innovative Pasture Management Concepts” during the session on October 28, 7 am-10pm at the South Texas Farm and Ranch Show in Annexes 1 and 2 of the Victoria Community Center , 2905 E. Nordstr. in Victoria.

Brooks will showcase two Bayer products that were launched last year.

He will initially focus on Invora, a long-term brush control product including Mesquite and Huisache.

“It controls longer than current off-the-shelf products,” said Brooks. “It’s more thorough killing than anything that’s ever seen before.”

After the brush was treated with Invora, the researchers returned to evaluate the same plots two, four, six, eight and ten years later for scientific studies. Green leaves, flexible twigs, and green tissue within the stems would indicate that the plants were still alive, while trees that broke off at the roots when moved suggested that the plants were dead. In some cases, Invora achieved control for more than 10 years.

The second focus of the presentation is on Rezilon, a new pre-emergence product for combating annual grasses, some annual broad-leaved weeds and hay willows. Rezilon, which gives growers more residual activity and much more flexibility with application times, will help ranchers and haymakers produce better quality hay for horses and show animals, Brooks said.

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