The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor has announced its annual selection of faculty to participate in two Big Ten Academic Alliance leadership programs this year.

Academic leadership program
  • Jennifer Clarke, Professor of Food Science and Technology, Director of the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative
  • Kevin Hanrahan, Associate Professor of Singing and Voice Pedagogy, Head of Faculty Development in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Michael Hermann, Professor of Biology, Director of the School of Biological Sciences
  • Colleen Medill, Robert and Joanne Berkshire Family Professor of Law, Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Jennifer K. Ryan, Ron and Carol Cope Professor and Chair of Supply Chain Management and Analytics
  • Adam Wagler, Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, Associate Dean of Academic Programs at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Scholars will participate in a program that begins virtually and ends with a scheduled in-person event at the Big Ten Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois. You will also participate in on-campus conversations during the academic year to learn about leadership and a wide range of topics, including community engagement, diversity and inclusion, freedom of expression, challenging conversations, mental health, student success, and the social value of higher education .

Program for department heads
  • Shannon Bartelt Hunt, Donald R. Voelte, Jr. and Nancy A. Keegan Professor and Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Christina Kirk, Professor and Director, Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film
  • David Karl, Associate Professor and Director, Architecture
  • Michael Merten, Professor and Chair, Child, Youth and Family Studies
  • Nora Martin Peterson, Associate Professor of French and Chair of Modern Languages ​​and Literatures

Fellows will take part in a virtual program to learn more about department-level leadership, including unique perspectives and challenges related to faculty development, performance, communication, conflict resolution, time management and mentoring.

“The Academic Leadership Program and Department Executive Officers Program harness the power of the Big Ten Academic Alliance to empower faculty members to develop their leadership paths in higher education,” said Judy Walker, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Learn more about the programs and see past Academic Leadership Program and Department Executive Officers Program participants. Contact Judy Walker at [email protected] for more information on these leadership opportunities.